Human arms uplifted with recycled goods in each hand.
Human arms uplifted with recycled goods in each hand.
by Sergey Mironov/

Circular economic business models, that is, those that seek to keep materials and products in continuous use, are increasingly considered as an important solution to our increasingly complex societal problems including our waste crisis, climate change, and even societal inequities. From the perspective of individual businesses, however, there are many challenges to transitioning from a linear to a circular model, or even launching a circular venture. One challenge often overlooked, is how businesses design these products or services, in a way that fulfills the needs of existing and prospective customers. Questions like: “How will customers engage with the circular offering…

Thank you for this posting! It offered inspiration to do something similar here in Seattle. I'd be curious to know anything about the workshop format and/or any lessons learned!

Behnosh Najafi

Photo by Min An from Pexels

There is a movement afoot of design professionals working at the nexus of design, environment, and/or sustainability and I would like to encourage good designers like you, dear reader, to join it. When I reflect on the scale of environmental justice issues that we face, I believe with my whole heart that we need good designers to do this work. You know how to work on interdisciplinary teams, you can pull together disparate information and make something cohesive and sensible, you understand the power of holding steady a future vision for what it is that you want to…

The Circular Economy (CE) is experiencing a ground swell of interest from large companies, institutions and governments (e.g., Google, Nike, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, EU and China), making this a ripe time to evaluate this promising approach to address the severe problem of waste that plagues most of the world’s cities. Much of this work has been discussed as a materials management concept, and rests on the premise that if we can smartly manage the ways in which we produce, consume and utilize goods we will have little to no waste created. These discussions make little fanfare around the idea that…

Behnosh Najafi

Design Researcher, Galvanizer, Mom, Chocoholic, find me at

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